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Sell your house and continue living in it

Obrigado, em breve entraremos em contacto.

The financial slack beneath your feet

With UZU, you can advertise the sale of the original ownership of your property for free, that is, only the future possession of the buyer.

And the best part, you continue to live in the house normally as it always was, as you are safe with the use of the property in your name.

No escritório

Invest in uzu real estate

The usufruct purchase and sale system is a great investment option for the most demanding market players. A conservative and safe asset with surprising profitability. Explore our platform and choose the best offers and opportunities.

Become a real estate partner

Descubra como aumentar suas finanças enquanto mantém o direito de viver em sua casa.

Obrigado, em breve entraremos em contacto.

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