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Investing with Purpose

At Uzu, we recognize that the true value of an investment goes beyond the numbers. When purchasing a property with us, you not only invest in a property, but also support families through the revolutionary concept of real estate enjoyment.

Why Uzu: Three Modalities, One Mission

Uzu Family

Varied properties in good condition. Invest in the future and plan NOW to own your children's home at a much lower price with real estate enjoyment.

Custom Uzu

Seja um investidor VIP e receba com prioridade um portfólio exclusivo sob medida.

Uzu Oportunidade

When the condition of the property is what matters least. Ideal for investors with vision beyond reach.


Legal Security

We offer properties with the consent of heirs or other legal risks through the Usufruct Law.


Once you have purchased the Nua-Propriedade, you can now put it up for resale on our platform.

Support Services

After completing the transaction, we provide a series of complementary services to facilitate remote monitoring of the property

Investing with Peace of Mind

Junte-se a nós e comece sua jornada de investimento com propósito hoje mesmo.

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